bad chocobo (day_star) wrote in pomfrey_elite,
bad chocobo

I really hope this is ok...but i just thought i'd better get this done sooner than later in case i forgot. Anyways, i'm afraid i'm going to have to go on hiatus next week (starting the 18th of October) and unfortuntaely i won't be able to be back until the 3rd of November.
Reasons: I'm currently in Year 12 and on the 18th of October my HSC starts - if you don't know what that is, it's the exams we do to get into uni here in Aus. I've got four exams in the first week, four exams in the second week, and one exam in the third week. The first two weeks are gonna be hell, and i really really really need to study as i'm aiming for at least a UAI of 98 (actually, i'm dying for a UAI of at least 98).
Also, even if i wanted to continue participating here during my exams, my parents have declared the computer a no-go zone and are banning me from it during my exam period.
I'll continue participating until the end of this week, and then i'll be putting the hiatus banner on my userinfo. If everything works out well, then i might actually be able to start participating again on the 29th of October, as that's the day of my second last exam, and i've got a couple of days until my last one.
Hopefully this is ok. If not, just tell me and i'll work something out.

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